ECS Canggu Log Longboard


The ECS Canggu Log Longboard gives you great fun, flow and responsiveness in small waves. Classic PU style gives a great feel of being in the wave rather than bouncing around on it & aids standing and stability

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ECS Canggu Log Longboard

The ECS Canggu Log Longboard gives you super fun small wave surfing. This is a longboard coming in over the 9′ mark. The PU construction gives you a great traditional Longboard feel that equates to classic style. It’s easy to paddle, easy to catch waves, and easy to put where you want on the wave.

Once on your feet the board keeps going. A great all rounder it features a 50/50 rail. This means the top and bottom of the rail have the same shape so you get great flow without catching. A bevel on the rail bottom creates an edge that aids turning and drive. It’s a great fun package.

The ECS Canggu Log Longboard features a single concave that is more pronounced at the nose. This gives you great entry into the wave and cruise speed. Paired with this is a mid rocker point. So you can turn the board from the tail or up the board. When you go forward the rocker helps you keep the board under control and the forward concave gives you speed.

The outline is generous so there’s plenty of float. The width carries through from just after the nose to just before the tail. The wider area gives your turns liveliness. The board has a great tint finish and includes the adjustable fin box and the ECS LB9 Longboard fin. Check our full range of Longboards at Manly Surfboards>Longboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 255 × 60 × 12 cm


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