Island Longitude Longboard


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The Island Longitude Longboard gives you EPS performance construction with flowing surf style. You get easy paddling and wave catching with flexible fin setup.



Island Longitude Longboard

The Island Longitude Longboard is your perfect mini-mal. It’s purpose designed for easy cruising. Just the right size it makes paddling and wave catching easy so you don’t have the hassle of a shortboard. It’s also not too long so overcomes all the hassles of getting around with a heavy longboard. The shape has a generous nose so not only is it great for wave catching, once on the wave it flows with the wave. This nose area is carried through the middle so you get great stability. You can easily get to your feet and stay there making for longer rides. As you progress the drawn in tail allows you to step back and do more carving turns. The roundness of the tail helps you flow on the wave.

The Island Longitude Longboard has an EPS construction. This uses advanced materials such as a special foam core that gives extra floatation. The finished board is lighter than traditional alternatives and stronger. Both great if you’re Beginning and progressing. A great fin setup is included with FCS II side fin plugs and an adjustable rear fin box. This allows you to surf your board as a classic single fin or put side fins in to get more drive for more carving moves. As you progress you can swap fins and change your board to fit your surf style. Check our full range of Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Surfboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 180 × 55 × 20 cm


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