Ocean Soul EPS Fish Surfboard


The Ocean Soul EPS Fish Board gives you lightweight, tough construction with a fun easy surfing shape. The full nose makes for easy wave catching and stable popup while the swallow tail gives you great carving

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Ocean Soul EPS Fish Surfboard

The Ocean Soul EPS Fish Surfboard gives you a great fun design at great value. EPS foam is used in the core so you get a range of benefits. Your board is lighter and floats better. So it’s easier to handle and paddle into waves. Each of your strokes gets you going faster quicker. So you can catch more waves. Once on the wave, your board is lighter. So you can move it around in power carves or quick lip smacks. It also will tend to bog less. So you’ll be making longer rides, going faster. The epoxy construction also gives you great strength. So your board will last longer too.

The Ocean Soul EPS Fish has a great shape to match it’s lightweight high performance. A generous area in the nose helps your board get momentum and glide into waves. Once on the wave, the full nose area gives you stability. So it’s easier for you to stand up and you’re less likely to fall. The board narrows towards the tail and this helps you do turns. You can move your foot back and carve your board in the wave. A swallowtail helps give bite so you will hold and not slide out. It also gives release so you can quickly change direction in turns. The Ocean Soul EPS Fish Surfboard is a great value way to maximise your performance and progress your surfing. Check our full range of Fish Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Fish Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 20 cm


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