Orca Safety Buoy & Pack Orange


The Orca Safety Buoy & Pack Orange is a great way to keep safe with a high vis float that also can hold your gear. A versatile accessory to have handy in your surf pack.


Orca Safety Buoy & Pack Orange

The Orca Safety Buoy & Pack Orange gives you great protection and aids your swimming. It increases your open ocean water safety so you can be seen. If you’re swimming in the ocean it’s easy to get into your rhythm zoning out of what’s around you. You also may like swimming offshore, outside of the breakers or in wider uninterrupted expanses of water.

So in these situations and places you can be sharing the ocean with other surf craft. Being low in the water these other craft may not see you. These craft can range from stand up paddlers, ski riders and surfers to kite and wind surfers and the range of power craft like jet skis, foil boards and boats that pose great risk.

To all these craft the Orca Safety Buoy & Pack Orange Australia provides a bobbing high visibility indication of your presence. Orca make great swim accessories.


The Orca Safety Buoy & Pack also can act as a floatation device attaching to your body via a waste band. The Orca Safety Buoy & Pack gains its floatation by you blowing air into it via a valve.

So if you want more air to use the device to rest on if you get into trouble, you can make it more buoyant. If you want it low drag you can let air out. The attachment belt is smooth webbing. The adjustable buckle gives good fit along with quick release if needed.

The airtight section of the Buoy can be opened completely up so you can use it like a pack to store gear in. This could be your keys, wallet, your phone. This makes it super versatile. There’s also a small outer mesh pocket to place your ID, swimming goggles, or anything else you need close at hand.

The Orca Safety Buoy & Pack Australia is a great swimming accessory. Check our full range of Orca and other Swim Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Accessories

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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