Orca Swim Socks


The Orca Swim Socks are a dedicated swimming accessory of supple 2mm neoprene with silicon on the sole for durability. A great way to keep your feet warm without the weight of bulky surfing booties.


Orca Swim Socks

The Orca Swim Socks are a great swim and wetsuit accessory. Like a pair of surfing booties to go with your wetsuits these neoprene socks cover your entire foot and have a high ankle great for your swimming. They’re constructed of supple 2.5mm neoprene. This gives you insulation and warmth when you’re in the water. So they’re a great addition to your swimming wetsuit keeping your lower exposed foot area covered. The Orca Swim Boots neoprene, while supple, also has body. So it won’t flop around or bag out if you get a flush of water. The high ankle means the top of the sock will sit right up under your wetsuit lower calf preventing flushing and any chance it’ll be washed off. This is a great accessory for your wetsuits.

Assisting with your entry and exit from the water, the Orca Swim Socks have silicon on the sole. This provides great grip. Whether its on stairs to the pool or ocean entry steps, or getting onto a stand up paddle board or boat, the silicon will help prevent any slip. The silicon also provides durability. It prevents the soft neoprene taking your full weight on the ball of your foot and your heel as you go across abrasive surfaces like the rocks and sand. The Orca Swim Boots have no hard rubber or plastic areas like you find with surfing booties. So they’re very soft, supple and smooth. They also have a special internal lining so you get an extra comfy feel and fit along with keeping your feet warm. Known also as thermal swim socks and neoprene socks these are a great accompaniment to your wetsuit. Check our full range of Swimming Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Accessories

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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