Orca Swim Thermal Hydro Booties


The Orca Swim ThermalHydro Booties give you super foot warmth with plushy comfy inner. Soft neoprene fits great and split toe supports your natural balance


Orca Swim Thermal Hydro Booties

The Orca Swim Thermal Hydro Booties are great to keep you and your feet ultra warm. Designed as a swim and wetsuit accessory these are not primarily designed as a surfing bootie as they have a soft neoprene sole. So there’s no grip and there’s no sole reinforcement. Worn on rocks or sharp surfaces they will rip. However, they are designed to give you super comfort and you could surf in them. They’re designed for your swimming. The Orca Thermal Hydro Booties have no hard edges and so hug your feet like an ultra cush pair of socks. Internally there’s a soft plushy thermal layer that captures and retains your body heat. So your feet stay warmer and your whole body will feel less effects of the cold. The high ankle means the top of the sock will sit right up under your wetsuit preventing flushing.

Split Toe Sure Footed

The Orca Swim Thermal Hydro Booties have a split toe design. This means that instead of your toes being encased like a pair of socks there’s a separate section for your big toe. This assists your natural balance and sure footedness. So if used during a triathlon or sporting competition you’ll get more support in your natural foot placement and movement. Stitching is strong and is strategically placed so as to minimise contact with your skin. In this way the chance of rashing is greatly minimised. These are a dedicated swimming accessory to enhance your swim experience and so are a great accompaniment to your wetsuit. Orca are a premium world leading swimming and triathlon gear brand. Check our full range of Swimming Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Accessories

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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