Orca S7 Mens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit


Orca S7 Mens Long Sleeve Wetsuit gives you extra buoyancy, elasticity and warmth through the winter months. Swim in comfort all year round and increase your performance.


Orca S7 Mens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit

The Orca S7 Mens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit is a high performance swimming tri suit. Tri means unlike surfing wetsuits it’s designed for triathlons. With this high pedigree it will give you great ocean swimming or assist the swim part of your full workout. One of the key features is the Yamamoto Neoprene. Known as the world’s best it provides warmth due to its great neoprene to air cell density. It is also extremely soft. This gives you a great fit, vital in a swimming wetsuit. With the suit hugging your body minimal water will enter. The small amount that does enter will be trapped and warmed by your body heat. So even while swimming along through ever changing currents you will remain warm.

Comfort & Swim Posture

The Orca S7 Mens Long Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit’s soft neoprene is also super comfortable. In triathlons, endurance events and swimming comfort must not be underrated. It is a key factor to reducing physical fatigue and can keep you going further and faster. There’s also the psychological factor of knowing that getting into your suit to start your session or event, you’ll be super comfortable. The Orca S7 Mens Long Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit gives you added buoyancy elevating your body through the water giving you an ideal high performance posture. It’s a great Mens Swim wetsuit. A must have through the winter months, the suit is also great if you’re spending lots of time in the water. The suit is not like a surfing wetsuit. It doesn’t have the bulk and so gives you just the right balance of protection and maximum performance in a Mens Swim wetsuit. The Orca S7 Mens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit is also not too fine so as to be flimsy or to fail. You can feel the protection it gives. The Orca brand is a leader in this field. Check our Swimming Wetsuit range at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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