Orca Sonar Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit


The Orca Sonar Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit gives you elite performance, buoyancy advantage, advanced materials & tech. You can swim all year round and improve your performance


Orca Sonar Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit

The Orca Sonar Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit gives you elite level performance for swimming and triathlon. It gives you the edge with advanced materials and technology. Using highest quality Yamamoto rubber the entire suit gives you the perfect balance between flexibility and body support.

The upper body uses lightweight high flexibility rubber so you get maximum stroke performance in your arms. Each stroke is faster, easier, so you can go further with less fatigue. The Orca Sonar Wetsuits lower body uses Aedrodome2 tech, so you get extra support.

This material has extra air pockets over standard wetsuits so you get 30% more buoyancy in the hips and the quads. This helps you keep the best swimming position in the water so reducing drag and increasing speed. This is a great womens swim wetsuit.

Advanced Features

Yamamoto 39cell neoprene is used in the Orca Sonar Womens Wetsuit. This is an extremely flexible neoprene. 39cell extends to a 513% elongation rate, meaning this material moves with you through your most extreme strokes and body motion. There’s added benefits of zero water absorption and zero water weight added so you get more speed.

39cell is a durable material. It represents the best neoprene available in its class. Super Composite Skin Nano SCS is incorporated in the suit. This is the leading triathlon wetsuit lining. So you get unmatched friction reduction and hydrodynamics. The friction coefficient in the water of Orca’s Nano SCS is 0.026. The average for other wetsuits is 4.0. So it’s way better.

Internally the Orca Sonar Wetsuits Infinity Skin lining so you get the feeling of absolute freedom. Based on a high-elasticity nylon that incorporates bamboo fibres. This maintains your body heat longer, reduces body odor and the appearance of bacteria in your wetsuit. It also gives you fast changes.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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