Orca Killa Swim Goggle


The Orca Killa Swim Goggle gives you a range of lens types for pool & bright ocean swimming, with comfy minimal strap. See where you’re going with either glare reduction or optimal clarity for ocean and indoor conditions.

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Orca Killa Swim Goggle

The Orca Killa Swim Goggles are a minimalist uncomplicated way to enjoy your ocean or pool swimming. Featuring a range of lens options these goggles are ideal for outdoor and indoor swimming. The clear lenses are great for indoor swimming where you have controlled light that’s not too bright. It gives you a crystal clear view of your lane lines. In the ocean they’re good for early or late swims when the sun isn’t too bright, giving you an unfiltered undimmed clear view. The Mirror lens are great when there’s increased light and glare. They reduce glare so in open water swimming this reduces your eye strain where bright reflected light can be fatiguing.

With a streamlined frame the Orca Killa Swim Goggle hug the area around your eyes. The strap is minimalist so there’s the least bulk possible around the side of your head to interrupt your swimming flow. A split-yoke strap design reduces pressure around your eyes and is easy to adjust so adds to your comfort. The way the lens are shaped slightly protruding from the base gives you vision out to degrees. Check our full range of Swim Gear at : Manly Surfboards> Dive and Swim

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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