Orca Neo Thermal Swim Cap


The Orca Thermal Cap will keep you swimming all year round with the highest quality neoprene keeping your head warm. The comfy neck strap is soft and supply hugging your head, with no plastic of metal clasp


Orca Neo Thermal Swim Cap

The Orca Thermal Swim Cap gives you great swimming all year round. When the ocean is cold and the air is cold this cap will keep your head warm. As you may know your body loses a large amount of heat via your uncovered head. So wearing this cap prevents heat being lost.

When your head is warm the rest of your body feels warmer too so if you’ve got this cap you may not need as thick a wetsuit. The Orca Neoprene Swim Cap gives you advantages over a normal swimming cap. It’s made of neoprene so gives you insulation. Even though the neoprene is only thin it’s of the highest quality so gives great protection.

The cap gives you better fit than a standard cap. It covers the front of your forehead, well down the back of your head, and well over your ears. This is unlike a normal swim cap that sits high on your head, barely covering your ears.

Unlike a normal swim cap that can wash off in the surf, the Orca Neoprene Swim Cap has a strap that keeps the cap snug in place.

The strap is neoprene, an integral part of the cap itself. It’s soft, supple and super comfy. With the Orca Thermal Cap on you’ll be able to swim as long as you want, with minimal affect from the elements. This is a great swimming accessory. Check our full range of Swimming Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Swim Wetsuits

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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