Seacured Wetsuit Cement Repair Kit


Seacured Wetsuit Cement Repair Set. Joins neoprene together. Stops rips and loose threads. Extends life. Check our range of Accessories NOW!

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Seacured Wetsuit Cement Repair Kit

The Seacured Wetsuit Cement Repair Kit gives a great fix to almost any of your wetsuit problems. You get high quality neoprene cement. This is a thick black glue that dries firm with flexibility. This flexibility is vital so the neoprene in your suit is free to move. Otherwise it will rip again.

The Seacured Wetsuit Cement Kit can fill holes, weld rips and provide a seal over stitching that’s coming apart. So it can also reinforce worn areas. The tube of repair cement goes a long way so make sure you keep it sealed tight so it lasts. The included applicator helps you spread the cement.

If you’ve got a larger area to repair you can spread the cement over it so it will create it’s own protective layer. If the area you need to repair is extra large, get a piece of neoprene capable of covering it and use the cement to go around the edges where it overlaps. So in this way the cement in the will bond the edges and cover your repair.

Seacured are a good value brand with functional products. Their wetsuit cement can save a valuable investment like your wetsuit. Applied to a loose thread or opening seem it can stop any real damage so extending the life of your gear. Applied to a hole it can maintain the warmth of your wetsuit. So it’s a great Wetsuit Accessory. Check our full range of Wetsuit Accessories at: Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories

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