Orca Vitalis Openwater TRN Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit


The Orca Core TRN Thermo Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit is a full featured great training & swim suit. High tech features give improved performance with super flex, posture enhancement, and hydrodynamic glide


Orca Vitalis Openwater TRN Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit

The Orca Core TRN Thermo Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit is a full featured and great value training and swimming suit. The TRN Thermo has all the features of the highest end wetsuits. So, you get Yamamoto Neoprene known as the world’s best. This gives great warmth due to its neoprene that has a high air cell density. This makes it extremely light, so you’re not carrying extra weight, and also extremely soft, so  you get a great fit. Great fit is vital in a swimming wetsuit. With the suit hugging your body water entry is minimal. The small amount that does enter will be trapped and warmed by your body heat so you stay extra warm. High tech enhancements have also been added. SCS silicon coats your suit’s shoulder and arm panels. This smooth finish greatly reduces your wetsuit’s resistance as you move through the water while not adding any extra bulk. Hydrophilic, the treatment means that with each stroke you go farther, faster, without fatigue. Most of the body of the Orca TRN Swim Wetsuit is 2mm neoprene so you get a great balance between flex for power strokes and insulating warmth.

Performance Edge

Additional 3mm panels make up the hip and bottom of the Orca TRN Thermo Womens Full Sleeve Wetsuit. These give buoyancy and lift and so keep your body in high performance swimming form as you glide through the water. You also get triathlon features such as the STP Speed Transition Panels. These allow the suit to slip on and offer very quickly. Great for quick transitions in competition or for getting quickly into and out of your suit before work and after your swim. The exterior of the Orca TRN Thermo suit includes performance graphics. All the great features in Orca TRN Thermo Womens Swimming Wetsuit give you a you a psychological advantage knowing that when you hit the water you’ll have the edge. The Orca brand is a leader in this field and this is a great Womens Swim wetsuit. Check our Womens Swimming Wetsuit range at Manly Surfboards>Womens Swimming Wetsuits

  • World’s best neoprene gives great fit & warmth
  • Floatation panels aid posture and performance
  • SCS silicon externally reduces friction & aids speed
  • STP speed panels aid transitions in and out of the suit

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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