Orca Neoprene Shorts


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The Orca Neoprene Shorts have special Aerodome panels creating positive float posture for high performance swimming. Check our Wetsuits Online NOW!


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Orca Neoprene Shorts

The Orca Neoprene Shorts give you an edge for performance swimming while also being a handy swim accessory. The shorts are designed to increase your swimming performance in both the open ocean and pool. The way they do this is by positively affecting your buoyancy. The shorts have special panels that feature Aerodome air pockets. These panels give around 30% extra float to the front of your thighs. So while swimming face down in the water your thighs will float a little higher helping keep your posture flatter. This in turn makes your swimming faster. The extra float stops your lower body sinking in the water thereby reducing drag that would otherwise slow you down. The Orca Neoprene Shorts main panel construction is 4mm smoothie neoprene. This is a good long wearing thickness that gives body to the short seams so that they won’t easily part. The side panels are super flexi neoprene. So they stretch easily. This helps to support the twist in your body movement as you go from stroke to stroke. It also helps getting the shorts on. For fit, there’s an adjustment at the waist to ensure the shorts won’t slip off and to keep any water entry minimal. Even if you’re not into high performance swimming the shorts will be great to swim in giving extra warmth and protection to that lower area of your body. You could also wear these shorts under your wetsuit to warm that lower part of your body. The 4mm thickness may create a squeeze and reduce flexibility however once on you’ll have extra warmth. Check our full range of Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits


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