Sumarpo Infinite Neoprene Bouyancy Shorts


The Sumarpo Infinite Bouyancy Shorts give you optimum posture maximising swim performance. Outer smooth finish gives high speed. Inner lining makes for easy on and off


Sumarpo Infinite Neoprene Bouyancy Shorts

The Sumarpo Infinite Neoprene Bouyancy Shorts give you a performance and technique advantage for your swimming. First, the shorts are Yamamoto neoprene, so they’re of the highest quality and they fit snug. There’s no loose material flopping around creating drag.

The neoprene has a special hydrodynamic SCS hydrodynamic coating designed to glide through the water with less drag, so you go faster. Internally there’s also a smooth finish. So the shorts slide on and off effortlessly. This fast change assist is important if you’re doing an event.

The buoyancy incorporated in the shorts is the key feature. 5mm neoprene side panels keep your hips and upper legs from sinking in the water. This in turn gives a technically better posture for your swimming. This posture maximising your technique and performance, and reducing fatigue.

The neoprene gives warmth to this critical hip area keeping your flexibility maximised. It’s also water resistant remaining light and not adding any weight. There’s a drawstring so your shorts are kept secure.  These shorts are a great swim accessory. Check our full range of Swimming Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits


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