Orca 3.8 Womens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit


The Orca 3.8 Womens FullSleeve Swimming Wetsuit gives you elite level tech features for great performance. From special panels to maintain posture and performance through to coatings for speed. You get it all


Orca 3.8 Womens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit

The Orca 3.8 Womens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit gives you elite level performance for swimming and triathlon. It’s described as an Enduro suit so you get sustained maximum performance with advanced materials and technology. Using highest quality Yamamoto rubber the entire suit gives you the perfect balance between flexibility and body support.

The upper body uses lightweight high flexibility rubber so you get maximum stroke performance in your arms. There’s also High Elbow Panel technology so your elbow is kept elevated maximising your stroke.

The Orca Sonar Wetsuits lower body uses Aedrodome2 tech, so you get extra support. This material has extra air pockets over standard wetsuits so you get 30% more buoyancy in the hips and the quads. Along with Core Stabilizer tech, you keep the best swimming position.

Advanced Features

Yamamoto 39cell neoprene, used in most of the suit, extends to a 513% elongation rate, so this material moves with you through your most extreme strokes and body motion. There’s added benefits of zero water absorption and zero water weight added so you get more speed. 39cell is a durable material. In your shoulder areas 40cell gives even greater flex.

Internally the suit has a lined neck greatly reducing the chance of chaffing and increasing your comfort. Hdyrolite panels aid getting your suit on and off for fast transitions. The lower leg panels have an SCS coating that reduces friction increasing your speed.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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