Ocean & Earth Indo Stiff Peak Surf Hat


The Ocean & Earth Surf Hat gives you a full brim that protects from the sun. The stiff section of the brim at the front won’t flop into your eyes. A large Legionnaire neck cover protects your back neck. Comfy neoprene strap keeps it attached to your head and gives ear protection too


Ocean & Earth Indo Surf Hat

The Ocean & Earth Indo Surf Hat gives you great sun protection in the surf. It’s a great beach surf hat with a chin strap so you can wear it in the surf. A key feature is the brim with stiff front section. It extends all the way around the hat, not just at the front, so you get great coverage and protection all the way around your head. The stiff section also doesn’t flop in your eyes. Your ears, back and front neck, and part of your shoulders all end up in the shade of the brim. At the rear there’s a legionnaire flap that gives extended neck protection and creates shade and a spot for cool air to circulate. This flap is also removable if you want. The high crown provides an area of separation so that the sun beating down doesn’t heat directly into your scalp. It’s also a great Wetsuit Accessory, keeping both UV and wind chill at bay. As a surf hat with chin strap, the padded neoprene comfortably secures the hat around the side of your head to under your neck. These straps have ear and drainage holes so your hearing is maximised. A safety loop connects to a rash shirt or wetsuit so the hat won’t wash away in a wipeout. Internal of the hat is a neoprene head band with velcro adjustment. This gives you a good fit and comfort. The hat is quick dry so you don’t carry any extra water weight. A handy stash pocket in the top of the hat allows you to store your key, cash, or similar. Additional vents flush water out the hat rear so it’s almost always immediately free of water after a duck dive. The Ocean & Earth Surf Hat is a great beach surf hat and Wetsuit Accessory. 

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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