DMC Soft Surf Helmet


The DMC SoftSurf Helmet gives you thermo formed foam protection keeping your head safe from your board and other objects. It’s got a great visor, ear holes, neck protection and more

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DMC Soft Surf Helmet

The DMC Soft Surf Helmet gives you great safety in the surf, helping you go for big moves or ride hairy breaks. Unlike previous helmets, DMC has produced a new format. It features soft, large padded thermo formed sections. These are shaped to your head, giving protection from any object you may encounter. Such as reef or your surfboard.

The padding is of non-porous foam, so it won’t take on water. This means the helmet and your head won’t get heavy, placing strain on your neck and shoulders. Special elastine covers the foam. This is a good looking and long wearing finish.

The helmet includes a number of features. There’s a great visor that won’t block your view and rebounds to shape. Ear holes maximise your hearing. A neck piece gives protection from sun and also from the wind and cold. In this way the helmet will protect you against both hot and cold conditions.

Here’s what 2 x World Champ Tom Carroll says, “I’ve been using my DMC SOFT SURF HELMET since prototype stage and am so used to using it I cannot surf without it.” Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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