Redback Traction Pad Skim


The Redback Traction Pad Skim is a 5 ply skimboard with customised super EVA grip giving you advanced traction. Coming with traction you’ll get way more grip than wax that melts or slides off.

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Redback Traction Pad Skim

The Redback Traction Pad Skim gives you a super traction skimboarding. It’s a skimboard with its own custom traction pad. The way it enhances your skimboarding is by giving you a soft traction surface your feet and toes can grip on to and in to. This overcomes one of the biggest problems with skimboarding. The wooden boards have a smooth slick surface. If you try to ride them as-is you’ll immediately slip off. So you apply wax just like on a surfboard. The problem is that the surface doesn’t retain wax well. With even a little use the wax will start to come off. In even short exposure to sun the wax will start to melt and slide off. So the Redback Traction Pad Skimboard 41 gives you a skimboard with traction applied.

The traction is like surfboard grip. It’s EVA foam customised to fit the board so every part of the board is covered. The EVA also has a custom pattern specially designed to give you the best skimboard traction. To ride a skimboard you jump on it with momentum. To keep you from sliding straight off the traction has a raised cross hatched pattern. So no matter which angle your feet land you’ll get grip. Once you’re riding your toes can grip into the soft EVA and the ridges. This feel gives you responsiveness. The grip is applied using glue specially developed for harsh Australian conditions so it’ll stay put. The skimboard itself is a 5 ply timber construction with a tested and superior combination of stiffness and flex. The Redback Traction Pad Skimboard 41 is 41″ in length so will suit smaller Beginners up to adults. Check our Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories


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