SURFMUD Surf baby Sensitive SPF30


Surfmud Surf Baby Natural Zinc Sun Screen. Toxins removed, with zinc for your Little Ones. Blocks harmful rays. Check our Surf Accessories NOW!

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Surfmud Surf Baby Natural Zinc Sunscreen

Surfmud The Lotion Zinc Sunscreen is great for the Aussie beach environment. Aussie owned and made so it’s perfect to address Australian conditions. Surfmud claim they’ve taken an existing formula and dumped out what they didn’t like and added only good things. So the result is a great physical blocker sunscreen. This means the sunscreen blocks the harmful rays of the sun from reaching your skin.

So Surfmud is like a zinc that you would use on key areas rather than something applied all over your body. Surfmud has taken all their expertise and produced an all natural toxin free sunscreen. So it’s great for your kids and little ones. Using premium natural ingredients including Jojoba oil and beezwax, the lotion provides sun protection as well as moisterising.

Protection is provided against harmful affects of the sun and also harsh affects of the surf and wind. Natural products make up many of its ingredients. So there’s bees wax, natural lanolin, coconut oil-derived CC/C (certified natural), kaolin clay and iron oxides. Made by surfers for surfers so the claim is that their sunscreen works out better that way. Once applied it provides all day cover.

What They Say

Here’s what the Surfmud Crew say about their product. ‘We are confident you’ll be stoked with SURFMUD natural zinc. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product return it at any time. We will replace it, refund your purchase price, or credit your credit card – whatever works best for you. We make products that work, and we do it naturally.’

Made for active, aquatic lifestyles, Surfmud is a mineral-based physical barrier that covers and protects the skin from the external environment. Made for long surf sessions in tropical conditions, Surfmud has you covered. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories


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