Surfscreen Sun Cream 50+


Surfscreen Sun Cream 50+ gives you natural zinc & titanium sun blockers, lanolin & 4 hours water resistance. It’s been tested by Dermatest Australia to ensure you get great protection

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Surfscreen Sun Cream 50+

Surfscreen Sun Cream 50+ gives you ultimate sun protection. It’s been formulated by surfers and chemists so brings together over 50 years expertise in sunscreen formulations and use. What sets it apart is that its been clinically tested and approved by Dermatest Australia. Surfscreen is a zinc style product. So it’s applied onto your skin. It’s not meant to be rubbed into your skin.

It stays on top and this is where it gives you its great protection. It uses titanium and zinc in oxide form that are 97% natural sun filters. So these stop the sun reaching your skin. There’s a small percentage of chemical sun filters used to give you broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. These sun filters are reef safe so don’t cause harm to the environment.

The formula brings the best of nature and human engineering to you in easy to apply sun protection. You get 4 hours water resistance. This is great so you can stay out in the water longer. Lanolin is included so your skin gets natural moisturising and additional protection. So what you don’t get is chemicals like PABA.

It’s Oxybenzone, paraben and Octocrylene free. So these problematic ingredients are not touching your skin. The tube is highly concentrated and is expected to last an average surfer over 12 months. This is great. Testimonials from surfers, sailors, paddlers all attest to it great effectiveness so it’s great for you. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

  • Clinically tested and approved by Dermatest Australia
  • A zinc style product
  • 4 hours water resistance
  • No PABA

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