Sunny Life Luxe Beach Umbrella


The Sunny Life Luxe Umbrella gives you 170cm of shade with UPF30 sun protection. Wood and cotton construction is natural and biodegradable

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Sunny Life Luxe Beach Umbrella

The Sunny Life Luxe Beach Umbrella is an ideal accessory for the beach. It’s a classic beach umbrella with tassels and a long adjustable stand that opens up to provide great shade. Not only is this umbrella functional, providing a UPF 30 sun protection with its special coating, it is also very stylish. Overall it comes with a low profile. It’s slim, light and not bulky. The top opens to a large 67″ 170cm diameter giving a lot of coverage. Along with the adjustable height, where you can have the umbrella low or high, you can also tilt anywhere across 360 degrees. So you can get shade no matter what angle the sun.

The Sunny Life Luxe Beach Umbrella is constructed of natural materials. The shaft is wood so you get a great natural feel and texture while also being recyclable. The top uses cotton that’s biodegradable. It’s also multi-purpose in that while not waterproof it will provide coverage to keep those early rain drops off you. The umbrella is very convenient to store and transport. The kit comes with a carry bag that the umbrella easily slides into. The carry handle makes it easy to get around. When not in use it is compact and stored easily in your car or cupboard. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 20 cm


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