Sunny Life Beach Cabana


The Sunny Life Beach Cabana gives you a stylish, luxurious & substantial beach presence with sun & rain protection. Check our Beach Gear Online NOW!

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Sunny Life Beach Cabana

The Sunny Life Beach Cabana is an accessory that gives you a great beach presence. It’s like a classic beach umbrella, bigger with a lot more style. From the umbrella corners long fabric pieces drape to the ground creating the feel of a more substantial space. The umbrella component has a long adjustable pole and top that opens up to provide great shade. The top has a special coating that gives you UPF 30 sun protection. The pole extends the same height as the corner pieces and if you sink the pole in the sand you’ll be able to load sand into the special corner pockets to keep them stable and in place. This is a cool beach tent cabana, very stylish and timeless so you’ll get great use from season to season.

Overall the Sunny Life Beach Cabana folds up to similar dimensions to a standard beach umbrella. So it’s low profile, slim, super light when it comes to take down, carrying and storage. The top opens to a large 78″ 200cm x 200cm square giving a lot of coverage, more than a standard beach umbrella. The Sunny Life Cabana can also be used to protect from rain. This makes it versatile beyond beach use for picnics and other outings. The center pole works great in the hole you find in Council tables. You get a truly luxurious feel for any of your excursions.

The kit comes with a bag that everything slides into and the carry handle makes it easy to get around. It folds down to 16cm x 16cm x 125cm with a weight of 4.5kg. When not in use it’s compact and stored easily. The frame materials are strong polyester and steel. This is a cool cabana beach tent available in Australia. Check our Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 30 cm


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