Sun Bum Protect Anti Frizz Oil Mist 88ml


The Sun Bum Protect AntiFrizz Oil Mist 88ml gives you a great leave-in oil to care for your hair after your surf. Simply spray it on to give extra body, bounce and shine

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Sun Bum Protect Anti Frizz Oil Mist 88ml

The Sun Bum Protect Anti Frizz Oil Mist 88ml gives you great hair care for your time at the beach. The sun can be harsh. Mixed with the surf and sea water it can do crazy things to your hair. This includes drying and frizzing it out. It can create split ends. If you’ve got a colour, it can bleach your colour out.

So Sun Bum has come up with this great formulated oil to protect your hair. It’s super handy as you can spray it in after you go surfing. It’s leave-in so you don’t need to wash it out. You keep getting all the benefit while it’s in your hair. It’s a spray so super easy to give your hair a light mist.

Just some of the ingredients include: Kukui Nut Oil and Tamanu Oil. So all these natural agents act in unison to protect and replenish what the sun takes out. They also leave your hair feeling great with extra bounce, body and shine.

While there’s lots of attention given to protecting your skin this is a great way to look after your hair too. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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