Sun Bum Lucky Bum Figure


The Sun Bum Lucky Bum Figure gives you a great fun way to visualise summer with a 16″ high vinyl Sonny. Movable appendages allow you to create poses

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Sun Bum Lucky Bum Figure

The Sun Bum Lucky Bum Figure gives you a novelty way to visualise summer and beach fun. It’s a great reminder of the Sun Bum range and all the products that make your beach life better. Construction is of vinyl with a height of 16 inches. So this is not a keychain ornament.

Called Sonny, the figure features movable pieces. So, for example, the arms can be moved into various poses. Free-standing it can be placed on your desk, around your home or office. You could even try gluing it to your board. A tie around the neck would allow the figure to hang so creating a great conversation piece.

Sonny is a reminder of all the great Sun Bum products. From sun creams and sun oils, to shampoos, conditioners, after-surf body and hair care. There’s also beach towels, umbrellas and beach games in the Sun Bum range. So there’s everything you need for the beach. So seeing Sonny will remind you to get all your gear to maximise your beach fun.

Sum Bum state Sonny is definitely NOT a toy! So I’m sure you’ll have heaps of fun with it. It’s a great take on the theme of summer. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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