Manta Clone Bodyboard Fins


Manta Clone Bodyboard Fins distinct shape gives you extra area for maximum thrust. Specially designed side bar aids control on the wave face. Soft pocket gives you foot comfort

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Manta Clone Bodyboard Fins

The Manta Clone Bodyboard Fins give you unique and advanced features. Immediately evident is the distinct circular shape at the end of the fin providing more surface area. This equates to more water displaced when you kick so you get maximum propulsion. There’s also contrasting dual rubber compounds used. One rubber, black, for the foot, straps and main body of the fin give you comfort. Another in red stiffens the side rails, edges and blade. This stiffening aids the fin giving you extra drive in the water over normal fins. The fins are noticeably speedier with less flopping around. The stiffness also allows the fins to be used in the wave and on the wave face aiding direction changes. So if you’re on a powerful wave you can jam your fin into the face and the hard edge can act like a mix between a rudder and pivot point. You can steer or pivot where you want to go.

For hairy jump-ins and slippery situations the Clone fins have a V shaped Ridge Tread on the bottom of the foot sock providing traction. Double drainage vents at the bottom of the foot sock provide efficient water drainage and release of unwanted objects like sand, pebbles and weed. The Clone is constructed of 100% Malaysian rubber with Manta’s special rubber recipe. This material gives you super comfort for your foot and ankle, and stiffness for the side edges. These fins also float just below the surface. If you lose a fin just wait till the water settles and it will float up. Manta Clone Bodyboard Fins are the performance option to power your bodyboarding. To find out more on Manta check here: Manta Bodyboards

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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