Original Limited Edition Flippers


Original Limited Edition Flippers give you great bodyboarding. You get classic performance with Malaysian rubber formula & asymmetrical dolphin shape for great bodyboarding.

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Original Limited Edition Flippers

The Original Limited Edition Flippers give you all the features you need for classic performance bodyboarding. What makes this fin classic is its rubber layout and asymmetrical shape. Construction is of a Malaysian rubber formulation. The blue formulation gives you comfort and good feel in the foot pocket and back straps. So fatigue and the chance of chafing is greatly reduced while still giving a snug secure fit. The beveled edge of the back strap prevents unwanted slippage. The lower portion of the fin uses a stiffer formulation so you get great drive with each kick. The asymmetrical shape means there’s a specific fin for each foot. The outer edge on each foot extends beyond the inner edge. So when placed together the fins represent the same shape as a dolphin tail. So you get a great natural design giving maximum performance.

Several struts are featured in the design of the Original Limited Edition Flippers. As each foot enters the water in a kick the side struts limit the amount of flex keeping the blade maintaining its shape. Through your kick they load up then release releasing energy. There’s another strut on the bottom of the fin creating additional stiffness also ensuring the energy you put in to each kick is translated directly into power. A generous water drainage hole assists in the exit of excess water. So any other unwanted object like sand, pebble or weed will flush out. In the Limited Edition Fin range these fins are stiffer giving you maximum performance and thrust. The Malaysian rubber construction means they float too. Check our full range of Bodyboarding Fins at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboarding Fins

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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