Stealth Delux Padded Fin Savers


The Stealth Deluxe Padded Fin Savers give you fin safety with comfort & maximum performance. Your ankle strap has 2mm neoprene that’s super soft and comfy. The leash clips give you an instant connection with no tangle or fuss

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Stealth Delux Padded Fin Savers

The Stealth Delux Padded Fin Savers give you safety for your bodyboard gear in the surf. They keep your fins safe with you through the biggest dumps and wipeouts. The way they work is like a mini leash, so their soft padded straps attach to each of your ankles via a velcro seal.

Each ankle strap has a leash with a clip. This extends through the ankle strap of your fins. So when the clip is sealed your fins are attached to your ankles. There’s a certain amount of give so your fins can still move freely and give you maximum propulsion.

The Stealth Delux Padded Fin Savers ankle strap padding uses 2mm neoprene so it’s like that in your wetsuit. It’s soft and comfortable. The nylon has a textured surface so it won’t spin and this stops the Savers spin on your ankle and get tangled. The clip used is very handy. You simply press and it opens. Click it together and it shuts.

This is much better than a string that can easily cut into your the soft rubber of your fins. The clips are quality plastic so are strong and robust and won’t break. If you’ve invested in a great set of bodyboard fins, or if you just don’t want to lose your fins, these are a great accessory. Check our full range of Bodyboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboard Fins

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