Ocean & Earth Flipper Fin Savers


Ocean & Earth Flipper Savers. Bodyboarding or body surfing, these are the protection you need for your flippers. Check our Surf Accessories Online NOW!

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Ocean & Earth Flipper Fin Savers

The Ocean & Earth Flipper Fin Savers are a must have if you’re using fins. Whether it’s bodyboarding or body surfing you need these Savers. No matter how good a fit you have with your fins, if you get a dump there’s always a chance you’ll lose them. Good fins are no small investment and these are the protection you need. The Ocean & Earth Savers are made of quality materials. The ankle straps have neoprene padding so they’re comfortable and won’t chaff as they loosen up as you’re kicking. The enclosure is a special design. There’s a double setup, similar to that of a legrope, so there’s no chance these will come off by chance. Each enclosure strap of the Ocean & Earth Fin Savers has a pull tab. So once you want them off with a simple tug your’re free. The Ocean & Earth Fin Savers are a must have as part of your bodyboarding or body surfing gear. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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