Manta Blade Bodyboard Fins


The Manta Blade Bodyboard SwimFins give you a large blade area for maximised propulsion. You get to and get into waves faster. Dual compound rubber gives you super comfy foot sock without fatigue

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Manta Blade Bodyboard Fins

The Manta Blade Bodyboard Fins give you power in a traditional fin format. The fin has a full blade with generous area. So with each kick you’re moving a lot of water equating to greater propulsion when going for a wave or paddling out. Construction is of 100% Malaysian dual rubber compounds so the Blade has quality construction.

Manta are famous for their leading construction technologies. Being all black you can’t see the two different compounds in the fin. The softer compound being used around your foot gives you great comfort. The stiffer used on the fin blade so you get power.

The fin blade edges are solid and stiff so you get direct power transfer. There’s a large central drainage hole and triple vents at the bottom of the foot sock so you’re not carrying any extra water and unwanted objects like sand, pebbles and weed drain away quickly.

A great benefit is that these fins float, just below the surface. So if you lose a fin just wait till the water settles and it will come up. Manta Blade Bodyboard Fins give you proven traditional performance to power your bodyboarding. Check our full range of Manta Bodyboards and Bodyboard Gear at: Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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