NMD Flyer Bodyboard


The NMD Flyer Board gives you super good value with fun & everything you need to get started. The EPS core gives you a lot of floatation so you get great paddling and easy wave catching

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NMD Flyer Bodyboard

NMD Flyer Bodyboard is a super good value entry bodyboard. You get an EPS core that gives great floatation. This equates to being able to paddle and catch waves easily. Once on the wave you get great float and won’t bog down in weak waves or in the foam. With speed you get fun and can start trying some moves.

The 50/50 rails give you a great balance between speed and turning. So after mastering catching waves you can start to put your board into carving turns. Popping out of turns the rails will help you speed up ready for your next move. The NMD Flyer Bodyboard EPS core is also strong. So your board will survive a few dumps.

Added to this is an HD slick. This bottom is strong so you get durability. It’s also fast. This is important as a Beginner and Progressing surfer as you want your board to get you going on the wave and give you some fun.

Graduated channels also aid water flow adding to your speed. Your board comes with a plug and leash so you’re all ready to go. To find out more on how NMD can power your bodyboarding check here NMD Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 20 cm


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