VS Vision PE Bodyboard


The VS Vision PE Bodyboard gives you a performance core that aids high performance big moves. An advanced EXT stringer gives you a heap of recoil and boost in and out of turns. Traxian Contour, channels, 55/45 rails finish this great value Intermediate board

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VS Vision PE Bodyboard

The VS Vision PE Bodyboard gives you great tech features in a value package. The core is PE foam flexier than that in lower end models. So you get a quality core giving you good flex and feel. This is important as it helps you turn your board doing bigger power moves. With extra volume in its design you get good buoyancy and wave catching is easy.

Once on the wave the board drives not getting bogged down. An EXT Stringer of epoxy fibre gives you performance associated with a stiffer faster design. It gives you flex characteristics so you can drive into turns and do longer arc carves. The stringer bends and loads up then gives recoil so you get a boost squirting you in and out of sections.

55/45 rails provide a touch more release so giving the VS Vision PE Bodyboard a feeling of skating speed. Traxian Line Contour and Channels make for a clean classic look and practical benefit. The channels give speed directing water flow and bite helping hang in to steep faces. The VS Vision Bodyboard includes deck contours so maximising body engagement.

A super fast HDPE slick speeds contact with the wave. A crescent tail gives good point-to-point turning. Nose bulbs finish the board aiding your hold and board contact. This is a great value board for the Progressing bodyboarder. To find out more on Versus Project bodyboards check here: VS Bodyboards


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