Manta Dart Bodyboard


The Manta Dart Body Board is a fun kids board with extra float and latest tech deck & bottom features. Extra float gives easier paddling and wave catching. A fast bottom gives heaps of speed and fun on the waves.

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Manta Dart Bodyboard

The Manta Dart Bodyboard  is a great Beginner board. The core is EPS that is a much more buoyant foam than found in most other boards. So you get great float with easy paddling and wave catching. Once on the wave the board is light and fast, so you get heaps of speed and you have fun. The deck has soft IXLPE foam that is used on most bodyboards for progressing your surfing. It gives good grip and traction helping your body engage with the deck of your board.

The HDPE slick on the bottom is fast and incorporates channels aiding in water release and bite when on steep faces. The rails are 50/50 this means they’re equal size on the top and bottom of the rail design. These are the standard format on bodyboards and give you a great stable, forgiving tide. The board comes with your leash plug pre-installed and your leash. Manta is a leading bodyboard brand known for the performance and quality of its products. They have a comprehensive range for all Bodyboarders and budgets from Beginners to Elite. So you’re sure to find what you want in their range. To find out more on Manta check here: Manta Bodyboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm


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