VS Spark Bodyboard


VS Spark Body  Board. Pro features in great value format. EPS core, HDPE slick, 50/50 rails. You get easy paddling so can catch lots of waves and speed on the wave equating to fun.

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VS Spark Bodyboard

The VS Spark Bodyboard is a great first board. It brings together Pro features in an inexpensive format. The EPS core is a great entry point providing a balance between stiffness and float. With the float you get easy wave catching so you can catch lots of waves helping you progress. The stiffness gives you speed. A board that is flatter goes faster. Not super flexi the VS Spark Body Board gives you a faster ride so having speed on the wave equates to fun. An HDPE slick provides speed and brings durability. This is the smooth plastic on the board bottom and speeds you on the wave. The VS Spark Bodyboard rails are 50/50 which means they’re balanced providing good all round feel. They’ll provide drive when going into turns and release when going for the air. The tail is a crescent shape that provides two points for turning facilitating carves. The board comes with a leash and plug so is ready to go! To find out more on Versus Project bodyboards check here: VS Bodyboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 5 cm


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