Funkshen Enforcer EPS Series Bodyboard


The Funkshen Enforcer EPS Series Bodyboard gives you progression with EPS core, dual stringer & high speed slick. Extra float gives great wave catching, dual stringer stiffness maintains your speed.

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Funkshen Enforcer EPS Series Bodyboard

The Funkshen Enforcer EPS Series Bodyboard is a great board to progress your surfing. Its EPS foam core gives you extra float. This makes it easier to catch waves driving your paddling farther and faster. Catching lots of waves gives you plenty of chances to try new and big moves, a key way to progress. Once on the wave you’re gliding on the water, not bogging down. This helps you get around closing out lips and full slow sections. So you get longer rides. The EPS also makes for a stiffer core so as you drive into turns you get more of a recoil effect. So your board boosts out of turns with extra energy. This boost is further enhanced with two stringers. These are reinforcements inside the body of your board. As you turn on the wave these load up with energy then boost you out of turns. They help your board return to its natural high speed rocker so you get speed on the flat rather than having your board bend and slow as it hits lumps.

Dual Stringers

The two stringers of the Funkshen Enforcer EPS Series Bodyboard also overcome a key problem of boards with a good price point in that they overcome weakness. If your board bends too much it’s likely to crease and its pop and liveliness will be lost. The dual stringers give a lot of strength. This also equates to durability, your board lasting through several seasons as you go for bigger progressive moves. The deck is a quality cross-link IXL foam so will stand up to wear while giving reasonable traction so you’re not sliding around. Contours, normally found on higher end boards, help with traction both for your body and where your hand’s hold on the nose and rails.

A DURA-HDPE slick finishes the bottom. This slick gives you high speed and it’s also extra durable, less likely to overflex. The board is finished with a crescent tail. This is the classic tail with two turning points on either side helping you go into and out of big carving turns on the wave face. The inner edge of the crescent helping with release in the lip and in spins. A leash tether is included so you’re ready to add your leash. The Funkshen Enforcer EPS Series Bodyboard gives you great performance and value. Check our full range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 cm


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