NMD Matrix EPS Bodyboard


The NMD Matrix EPS Bodyboard gives you great float, wave catching with a flexi stringer for carving turns. With float you can paddle easily catching lots of waves. The flexi stringer helps you carve into turns and recoil out.

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NMD Matrix EPS Bodyboard

The NMD Matrix EPS Bodyboard is a great first board. It brings together Pro features in an inexpensive format. The EPS core is a great entry point providing a balance between stiffness and float. So it’s fast to paddle and fast to catch waves. Not super flexi the board gives you a faster ride so this equates to fun.

An SXT stringer internal to the board gives you a controlled flex with great recoil. So this is a good balance to the EPS as it’s not overly stiff. You can crank your board into turns then the stringer will give you a boost as you release and carve into the next turn.

An HDPE slick provides speed and brings durability. The rails are 50/50 which means they’re balanced providing good all round feel. They’ll provide drive when going into turns and release when going for the air. The tail is a crescent shape that provides two points for turning facilitating carves.

The board comes with a leash and plug so is ready to go! To find out more on NMD check here: NMD Bodyboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 42 × 30 × 10 cm


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