NMD Player NRG+ Bodyboard


The NMD Player NRG+ Bodyboard gives you a World Champ signature model with NRG & Kinetic core. The core is slightly stiffer with CFT stringer adding pop and boost.

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NMD Player NRG+ Bodyboard

The NMD Player NRG+ Bodyboard gives you a signature model of multi World Champion Ben Player along with an NRG+ core. So you’re getting a board with proven champion features along with a high performance powerhouse foam.

The NRG+ foam is polypropylene with 1/4″ Kinetic core underlay giving added strength. This gives you a stiffer feeling, with drive and projection out of your turns. The board holds its line under high pressue. It doesn’t flex as easily as the pure NRG core, however you get a much more stable feel handling bump and chatter.

A composite CFT stringer adds boost and pop. As a composite, as you load up you get an instananeous response allowing for quick high speed moves. So with the stiffer core you get that lively boost when you come out of turns. The Dupont Surlyn slick gives you additional speed overall. So between sections, over flat spots, you’ll be maintaining high speed.

The 55/45 rails add to your control. With more of your board in contact with the wave you get more feel and feedback knowing when to hold, when to release. The board is CNC shaped so you get a true to template design. There’s mesh, Wavecushion deck, XFL Armour, nose and tail guards and nose bulbs finishing this high performance board. Check our full range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 35 × 20 cm


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