NMD Evolution PE Bodyboard


The NMD Evolution Bodyboard gives you a high quality PE core with great flex. This aids carving especially in sucky powerful waves. Twin EXT stringers give super pop out of turns

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NMD Evolution PE Bodyboard

The NMD Evolution PE Bodyboard gives you performance features in a great value package. The core is PE foam so you get good flex. So as you carve your board flexes with you fitting in the wave allowing deeper power moves. The PE with the stringers also responds returning to its original shape so you get an energy release boosting you into your next turn.

On the wave the Evolution drives on the water not getting bogged down. Two EXT Stringers give you performance. These stringers are flexi so as you drive into turns they’ll bend and load up.  Recoil from the stringers also gives you a boost out of the turn increasing the speed and dynamic with which your board springs back to its shape.

Traxian Line Contour and Channels make for a clean classic look and give the practical benefit of water flow management. The channels give bite helping hang in to steep faces. So this board will work especially well in sucky powerful waves were you want to be carving rather than racing on the face.

The NMD Evolution Bodyboard Traxian line contours also help with grip providing texture for your hands to hold. A super fast HDPE bottom slick speeds contact with the wave. A crescent tail and nose bulbs finish the board. Check our full range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 20 cm


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