VS Winchester Sync PP 1.4 Bodyboard


The VS Winchester Sync PP 1.4 Board gives you a lightweight, responsive feel & high performance surfing. The EXT stringer loads up power and gives this lightweight board a massive power boost

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VS Winchester Sync PP 1.4 Bodyboard

The VS Winchester Sync PP 1.4 Bodyboard is a signature model of the World Champion and charger Dave Winchester. Known for his hard core style in the water, Dave also has the gift of being able to translate his surf experience into fantastic board designs. The core is 1.4lb PP, polypropylene. So you get a light feel with super responsiveness. With whatever wave energy there is you’ll go faster, higher with more power with this lively core. To this is added an HDPE slick. This grounds the board so it’s not too flighty, helping you hold a line and carve in the power.

The VS Winchester Sync PP 1.4 Board has an EXT stringer. With its composite characteristics it’ll load up energy from the core then release it in a power boost. You’ll be able to hold a line then charge into whatever move you want. The 55/45 rails add to your speed and graduated channels also aid water flow for a touch more speed and extra hold in steep sections. The clipped crescent tail makes for more release and quick responsive surfing. The Wavecushion deck gives you comfort while you’re going hard. To find out more on Versus Project bodyboards check here: VS Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 20 cm


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