NMD United PE Bodyboard


NMD United PE Bodyboard. Great to progress your surfing with PE core, EXT stringer, & extra volume for speed. Check our Bodyboards & Accessories NOW!

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NMD United PE Bodyboard

The NMD United PE Bodyboard is the performance board you get to progress your bodyboarding. It incorporates features that will help you achieve the mix of speed and moves you need for performance surfing. It’s got a PE core. This is a high flex core so you can crank the board easily into turns and hold it. Off the bottom and off the top you’ll start throwing spray. So you don’t lose speed an EXT stringer gives you recoil so your board will return to its fast rocker in and out of turns. The stringer acts like a stringer in a surfboard. It loads up energy through turns then releases energy giving speed as your board returns to shape coming out of the turn.

The template shape is CNC cut on computer. This means your board is true to the original design and not warped by low tech construction. There’s extra volume in the shape in terms of thickness and width. So you get extra area giving you better wave catching and glide speed. To this 55/45 rails are also optimised for speed. 55/45 means that there’s more rail on the top and less on the bottom equating to more wave feel. The HD slick will give you the speed you need without breaking your budget. A crescent tail, bull grips, and nose and tail bumpers finish your board. The NMD United PE Bodyboard is a great value way to progress your bodyboarding. Check our full boardyboard range at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards


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