VS Winchester PFS 3 ISS Bodyboard


VS Winchester PFS 3 ISS Bodyboard. Advanced tech, Divinycell® beams, Surlyn slick. Excels in all conditions. Check our Bodyboards & Accessories Online NOW!

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VS Winchester PFS 3 ISS Bodyboard

The VS Winchester PFS 3 ISS Bodyboard gives you advanced tech for high performance. The core is Kinetic PP. So you get a firmer core giving you responsiveness, translating wave energy into power. It’s also 100% waterproof so you don’t have to worry if you get the odd ding. It’s a computer shape so the rocker and outline fidelity are highest level. Embedded in the core are Divinycell® vertical foam beams. These act like closely integrated stringers giving a consistency and continuum to flex. You’ll feel more flow with less wash out through turns. Allowing you to tune your board for various wave conditions an Interchangeable Stringer System and stringer is included. So you can use a stiff stringer for down the line waves and barrels, or a flexier stringer for tricks.

The slick is Surlyn, so you get high quality and speed where your board meets the wave. The Surlyn also gives additional durability, being less likely to overflex and bend. 55/45 rails provide a touch more release and speed. A crescent tail, deck contours for grip, graduated channels for speed, nose bulbs and Bull Slick Grips finish the board. This board excels in all conditions. To find out more on Versus Project bodyboards check here: VS Bodyboards


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