Manta Pro XT Bodyboard


Manta Pro XT Bodyboard. Proven performance template. PPHD 2 core, double stringers, channels. If you want to start and progress your bodysurfing, this is a great board.

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Manta Pro XT Bodyboard

The Manta Pro XT Bodyboard is the proven all round performance board in the Manta lineup. For the slightly larger rider, the board has a larger template with all the performance features of a Pro board. The template shape is wider throughout. This can be a great advantage even for smaller and Beginner riders as the extra planning surface equates to higher performance and speed. The bottom has a flat rocker providing for flat out speed. This is an exciting board to ride. The crescent tail provides turning points for rail to rail moves with quick release. So you can do big direction changes, carves  and airs. The Manta Pro XT’s proven design makes for versatility in all range of waves, sizes, conditions and bodyboard styles. It’s a great one board to take with you for a range of conditions and breaks.

The Manta Pro XT’s construction features a PPHD 2 core and double stringers so rocker integrity is maintained and durability enhanced. The stringers keep the rocker shape true adding recoil going in and out of turns as your board returns to its rocker. The stringers also add strength. The Xtreme Projection Skin slick on the bottom is super fast and incorporates small channels aiding in water release for speed, and bite when on steep faces. Contours on the deck aid grip and control so you can direct the board where you want. The Manta Pro XT comes in two sizes: 44″ and 46″. Check our full Bodyboard range at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm


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