NMD Grom 34″ Bodyboard


The NMD Grom 34″ Board is a great value Beginner’s board with heaps of float for good paddling & fun. Wave catching is easy and getting speed on the wave equates to heaps of fun

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NMD Grom 34″ Bodyboard

The NMD Grom 34″ Bodyboard is a great value board for the younger surfer to get started in bodyboarding. The NMD Grom gives you an EPS core so there’s great floatation. This equates to being able to paddle and catch waves easily. So your Grom will be able to get around in the water. Once on the wave they’ll have speed even in weak waves or in the foam. With speed there’s fun and the ability to start trying turns and moves. The 50/50 rails give a great balance to help progress turning. So after mastering catching waves your Grom can start putting their board into carving turns.

The NMD Grom 34″ Board EPS core is also strong. So the board will handle what Groms can dish out and survive a few dumps. Added to this is an HD slick. This bottom is strong so there’s durability. It will take scrapes on the rocks and being dragged on the sand. It also offers performance. This is important as a Grom Beginner and Progressing surfer needs to get going on the wave to have fun. Graduated channels and a clipped crescent tail add to the free feel of the board. The NMD Grom comes with a plug and leash so it’s all ready to go. To find out more on how NMD can power your Grom’s bodyboarding check here: NMD Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 20 cm


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