Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash


Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Cord. A preferred alternative for many hard core bodyboarders. Check out our range of Bodyboards and Accessories NOW!

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Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash

The Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash gives you great board control in a bicep format. Fitting around your bicep, this leash provides several benefits. First, it keeps your leash up and out of your way. Positioned up towards your shoulder paddling movement is not hindered like with a wrist leash. Both hands are free and unobstructed to grip your board or touch the wave face. In the case of a wipeout, it’s also not yanking on your wrist or in your way as you recover.

While some bodyboarders use no leash, the Stealth Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash is a great help to  progress your surfing. The leash gives you the confidence to go for big moves whenever you like. Instead of losing your board when you get dumped the leash keeps your board at hand so you can get right back on it and get out the back. So you spend much more time surfing and not having to swim. Stealth’s Basic Bicep Bodyboard Leash includes all Stealth’s great features. The cuff is padded with premium rolled neoprene and features a quick-release tab. The leash itself is polyurethane and coiled. The coil keeps the leash out of your way. This model is a good all round design and comes in an assortment of colours. Check how Stealth can power your surfing here: Stealth

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm


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