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Stealth Bodyboards

Stealth Bodyboards epitomise the great times you can have bodyboarding. Whether it’s having fun at your friendly beachie or out in the wilderness braving pitching death, Stealth gear is there for you.

Designed by a bunch of crazy characters, one theme is consistent, their dedication to bodyboarding. If you haven’t already, try Stealth and put a dose of hard core bodyboarding into your life.

Stealth Approach

Stealth Bodyboards Friendly Beachie
Having fun at your friendly beachie, above. Facing pitching death in the wilderness, below. Stealth is there for you. Check the size of the bodyboarder in the left image below
 Stealth Bodyboards Heavy Waves Wilderness

Most of the Stealth range follows a straight forward progression. So from their entry level to advanced models you get improving materials and designs proven to give you great surfing. At that higher end Stealth give you the option to delve into the world of their Pro riders and experience their personal designs.

Stealth Bodyboards Team Riders

An eclectic Stealth team give you boards with unique fantastic characteristics. From mates having an arvo lemonade to the deep sea diver welding with his left hand, all part of the Stealth family

With names like The Bearded Lady and El Gringo, each board is the dream-child of a Team rider. So each high end model gives you unique ride characteristics to progress your bodyboarding into a whole new world.

Good PrinciplesStealth Bodyboards Crazy Marketing

Despite it, or because of it, Stealth’s marketing craziness belies the hard core bodyboarding experience you get

As crazy as some of their marketing may seem, Stealth products are founded on proven materials and principles. So with board templates, through to rail, tail and rocker designs you get what’s proven, what’s given success to their Team.

Stealth Bodyboards Board Templates Rails Foam

Stealth gives attention to principles that work and proven designs so you get a great foundation to your bodyboarding

Innovative Foam Cores

Internally, foam cores, stringers and mesh are innovatively combined. So you get the latest tech to push the boundaries of your surfing.

Stealth Bodyboards Foam Cores

Utilising the best of what’s available and innovating is part of Stealth’s feature set. PE, NRG, PP, Kinetic and hybrid foam core options

An example of this approach is Stealth’s Tension Tech Cores. Here various proven foams such as PE, PP and NRG, each known for its unique flex characteristics are combined. They’re sandwiched between a top layer of mesh and XLPP, a denser foam. This  blend brings out each foam’s best features. So whether it’s flex for carving, stiffness for drive, or a balance for all round performance, you get the best performance.

Stringer & Mesh CombinationsStealth Bodyboards Cores Mesh Stringers

Stringers and mesh in combinations that work. The last image shows the ISS, interchangeable stringer system so you can change flex as needced

Similarly in the use of stringers and mesh, Stealth has a clear strategy on how to give you the best performance. Whether it’s a single stringer to triple stringer, or top and bottom mesh, Stealth use proven combinations so your performance is maximised.

Stealth Bodyboards Vax Trax Rail Design
Stealth innovation includes the V-Trax rail system. In a complete reversal the rail design angles in instead of out. So you get added speed along with control, especially good for powerful conditions

Once the foam is chosen for a model the core goes through a CNC process. This means the shape undergoes a computer controlled cut. So every board is true to its design intent and can have advanced features previously unavailable such as AKU Shaper features incorporated.

The ModelsStealth Bodyboards Beginner Models Chico C4

Entry level models include the Chico up to the C4 that includes Quad channels and mesh infused slick. 7 models under $100, a total of 10 models under $150 so Beginners get a great selection

Stealth has a wealth of models from entry level EPS boards to elite Pro signature boards. At the entry level Stealth offer 7 models under the hundred dollar mark, and a total of ten under one hundred and fifty dollars. This includes their C4 model with advanced features like Quad channels and a mesh infused HD slick.

These entry models use EPS foam. So you get a durable strong solution to take all the bumps a Beginner faces. Going up the range models are designed and use the latest tech and materials to achieve objectives wanted by progressing bodyboarders. Let’s look at a couple of models in detail to get an idea on where you can go with Stealth.

The S-FlexStealth Bodyboards S Flex

The Stealth S Flex based on a proven 1997 Pipe winning design, modernised with the latest Tension Tech core and mesh and stringer setup

It’s common with Stealth to see a board description include ‘we based this model on a Stealth…’ indicating its come from a proven design. The S-Flex is based off the Stealth board Steve ‘Bullet’ Mackenzie used to win the Pipe Comp of 1997. Steve’s comment on the beach after winning the infamous final was ‘Felt like a pinball in a pinball machine!’

As the timeline tells, it’s an old school design, one that really carves. So the logic behind it is that older riders and even young guns want a board with plenty of flex. Always a good thing in the cooler waters but more riders are finding the PP and NRG boards too stiff taking too much time to ride in.

Stealth Bodyboards Heavy Drop

So the S-Flex is super flexi having a KPE core giving great carving straight off. It’s super fun in small to larger waves that are hollow and sucky. The PE core gives the board good flex, but it’s been optimised with Stealth’s Tension Tech treatment. The template has also been modernised with a slight narrowing adding manoeuvrability.

The El-Gringo

Stealth Bodyboards El Gringo
The Stealth El Gringo features AKU Shaper channels. These are graduated channels cut by computer. So you get great speed, via longer channel length and the reduction of turbulence

Stealth developed this model around their newer Team Rider George Humphries. Taking time Stealth worked through various existing concepts till deciding on this platform.

This particular El Gringo comes with ISS, the Interchangeable Stringer System. This allows the board to be tuned so you can match the board stringer and flex to the surf conditions or what you’re trying to achieve in your surfing. For George it allows him to perform best across the power of WA slabs to small fun South Coast beachies.

Stealth Bodyboards Lip Move

A versatile board the El Gringo will handle whatever you want

Another innovative feature is the use of AKU Shaper channels. These channels are cut into the board with computer shaping machine technology. So the El Gringo channels are closer to the rail. They’re both longer and more graduated along that rail line. This helps the rail hold while the longer shallower channel is more effective at creating speed from the water flow also reducing slowing turbulence.

The result a versatile super fast board that holds.

AccessoriesStealth Bodyboards Swim Fins Flippers

Stealth Fins are in their own right great products. Coming in a range from S1-S4 they cater for  a wide range of personal feet shape and kick styles and have great design features. The construction is of natural Malaysian rubber, proven to provide great comfort and fit. It also floats.

Stealth Bodyboards S1 Flippers Swim Fins

The fins range from the shape popularised by Churchill to straight and asymmetrical designs inspired by nature.

Bodyboard With Style

Stealth give  you a whole lot more in your bodyboarding with great entry boards to those oozing with the character of the Pro riders. Blending the latest tech with unique features Stealth give you a hard core dedicated bodyboarding experience.

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