Stealth Fin Savers


Stealth Flipper Flipper Savers. Legrope style safety for your bodyboarding or body surfing fins. Comfy cuff. Check our Bodyboards and Accessories NOW!

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Stealth Fin Savers

Stealth Fin Savers are a must have if you’re using fins. Whether it’s bodyboarding or body surfing you need these Savers. No matter how good a fit you have with your fins, if you get a dump that wrong way there’s always a chance you’ll lose them. Good fins are no small investment and these are the protection you need. Creatures Fin Savers offer premium protection. You can immediately see they are not a piece of string with flimsy neoprene.

The ankle cuff is just like a surfboard leash. It’s got a generous width, while not as bulky as normal leash, they’re still constructed with a heavy duty velcro seal and neoprene padding. The velcro seal is just like that for a surfboard so there’s no chance these will come off by chance. The attachment to the fin is a strong woven tie. Each cuff has a pull tab so will also give you quick release when needed. The Stealth Fin Savers will safe guard your fins so you’ll have great piece of mind while enjoying your bodyboarding. Check our Bodyboard Gear at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboarding

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