NMD Flipper Savers


The NMD Fin Savers keep your fins safe and with you through the biggest wipeouts. A fine strong cord is looped around your fins so there’s no knot to come undone. The padded ankle cuff is super comfy with double velcro seal

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NMD Flipper Savers

The NMD Flipper Savers keep your fins safe and with you through your biggest heaviest sessions and wipeouts. The way they work is they’re like mini leg ropes. Each one goes around your ankle and is attached to your fins or flippers. Your fins can often get lost. Walking out in the shore break a dumper can easily push them off.

Or when you’re out on bigger waves a wipeout can force them off. Also a kick in the wrong way can send one flying. So these flipper savers are a great idea. Even if your fins come off they’ll still be attached to you. The NMD Flipper Savers are great for conditions in Australia.

Great Design

The NMD Savers have a fine yet strongly woven cord that threads through the ankle strap of your fins. You loop this cord around on itself so there’s no way your fins can come off. There’s no knot to loosen. The cord is attached to your ankle cuff. The cuff is woven, strong and durable so will take the pull of a wipeout.

The cuff isn’t too big as to be cumbersome or too narrow so as to twist around too much. It’s padded with neoprene so you get a snug comfy fit. Double overlapped velcro secures the cuff so it won’t come off. These NMD Flipper Savers are a great way to keep your fins safe in surf conditions in Australia.

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  • Fine super strong leash
  • Non-bulky & easy threading
  • Strong velcro seal
  • Comfy padding

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