Limited Edition Flipper Savers


The Limited Edition Fin Savers give you great protection against losing your fins. They’re minimal in size and don’t affect your surfing. Generous neoprene padding makes them super comfy

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Limited Edition Flipper Savers

The Limited Edition Flipper Savers give you great protection, keeping your fins and flippers with you in the surf. Whether it’s Bodyboarding, body surfing or free swimming, these savers will keep your fins attached to you making losing them pretty much impossible. No matter how good a fit you have with your fins if you get a dump that wrong way there’s always a chance you’ll lose them. Good fins are no small investment and these savers give you the protection you need. The Limited Edition Flipper Savers are the most prestigious brand in Australia.

The Limited Edition Savers loop through the back of your fin ankle strap and the velcro cuff attaches to your foot. So even if your fins come off they’re still attached to your foot with the ankle strap. The ankle cuff is just like a surfboard leash with wrap over velcro that gives an easy to apply, strong closure. The size of these cuffs is minimal so they don’t add extra weight and you can barely feel them. Generous neoprene padding means they’re super comfy. Each cuff has a pull tab so will also give you quick release when needed. Getting them off takes no more than a simple tug. The Limited Flipper Savers Australia will safe guard your fins so you’ll have great piece of mind going for heavy waves and big moves. Check our Bodyboard Gear at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboarding

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