Stealth Drone EPS Bodyboard


Stealth Drone EPS Body Board. Great value entry board. EPS waterproof core, channels, plug and leash. Everything you need in one great value fun package.

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Stealth Drone EPS Bodyboard

The Stealth Drone EPS Bodyboard is a great value entry level board. The Drone’s light weight core is EPS foam and it’s waterproof. So if you get a ding it won’t take on water get heavy or degrade. The EPS foam is stiffer. It gives you good memory so it holds its shape. Bottom channels graduated from nose to tail provide good water flow so you get extra release in the tail and speed from the board. The crescent tail gives stability helping you setup for the big moves. 50/50 double rails provide speed and manoeuvrability and are standard for all round performance. The LD slick on the bottom gives speed so you flow on the wave and durability.

The Stealth Drone’s deck is IXPLE, a dense highly hydrophobic foam. This means your board stays light in the water. The foam also has density so you can grip the board easily and your body stays engaged. The fuse-moulding manufacturing process is high quality, so each board is produced true to its original design. A leash and plug are included.  To find out more on Stealth check here: Stealth Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 cm


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