VS Ignition PE Bodyboard


VS Ignition PE Body Board. Flex core with twin EXT stringers for pop and recoil. HDPE slick. Great to progress your surfing you’ll go faster farther, blowing up with big moves.

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VS Ignition PE Bodyboard

The VS Ignition PE Bodyboard is a great board if you want to progress your bodyboarding fast. You get a PE foam core at the heart. This is a flexier much more responsive core than you get in Beginner boards. So with this core you can push your board into and out of turns. You can really start to carve doing bottom and top turns on the wave. The design of your board is CNC shaped. So each core is cut by a computer controlled machine giving you a shape true to its performance design each time. To give you speed and to control excessive flex you get two EXT Stringers. These are resilient epoxy fibre giving you performance associated with great recoil and pop. They give flex characteristics so you can drive into turns and do longer arc carves then boost out into your next turn. The stringer gives recoil so the shape springs back squirting you in and out of sections. 55/45 rails provide a touch more release giving a feeling of skating speed. Traxian Line Contour and Channels make for a clean classic look and give practical benefit. The channels give speed directing water flow and bite helping hang in to steep faces. The VS Ignition PE Body Board includes deck contours maximising body engagement. A super fast HDPE slick speeds contact with the wave. A crescent tail and nose bulbs finish the board.  To find out more on Versus Project bodyboards check here VS Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 5 × 45 cm


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