Stealth Delta PE Bodyboard


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The Stealth Delta PE Bodyboard gives you a super responsive PE core with dual S5 stringers and mesh slick. You get a great balance between carving and speed.


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Stealth Delta PE Bodyboard

The Stealth Delta PE Bodyboard is a great board if you want to progress your bodyboarding fast. You get a PE foam core in the heart of your board. This is a flexier much more responsive core than you get in Beginner boards. So this core allows you can carve, really bend your board into and out of turns. You can start to do bottom and top turns on the wave. The core is lightweight and waterproof. So on the wave you’ll get extra responsiveness even in small surf making your surfing more fun. If you get a ding your board won’t be ruined as it won’t take on water. To add dynamic flex so that your board isn’t too flexi there’s a mesh incorporated with the slick. This adds control to your flex and durability.

To give you speed and to control excessive flex you have two S5 stringers. These are carbon fibre rods that run from the nose to the tail of your board. The idea is that these stringers cause your board to keep its rocker, its flatter shape, that is designed to give you speed and turning. When you do crank into big moves bending the board into the wave the carbon will load up with the energy. Once you release, the carbon will recoil, boosting you out of your turn and into the next. Tail channels give you a touch more speed, also directing water flow and giving you bite helping hang in to steep faces. The Stealth Delta PE Bodyboard includes deck contours maximising body engagement. You also get nose bulbs helping with grip in heavy waves. A fast HD slick speeds contact with the wave and gives a durable finish to the bottom. To find out more on how Stealth can power your surfing check here: Stealth Bodyboards.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 20 cm


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